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Gut-Lynt 2 · Thank you!
Estimated in total: 152'000 EUR
Hammer price in total: 284'000 EUR
Gut-Lynt Auction 3
September 18/19, 2021
Consign until August 13, 2021
Gut-Lynt auction 4
November 28, 2021
Consign until September 20, 2021


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Highlights · Gut-Lynt 2

Gut-Lynt 2 · Preview

Austria. 20 Francs / 8 Forint 1881 KB
Estimation: 300 EUR
Austria. Maria Theresia, bronze medal n.d.
Estimation: 100 EUR
Austria. Albrecht II. Goldgulden, Judenburg
Estimation: 1,200 EUR
Czech Rep. Wallenstein. Silver medal 1934
Estimation: 300 EUR
Nuremberg. 2 ducats 1649
Estimation: 700 EUR
Netherlands. Geldern. Snaphaan n.d.
Estimation: 80 EUR
France. 10 Francs 1989. Montesquieu
Estimation: 400 EUR
Roman Republic. 57 B.C. Denar
Estimation: 200 EUR
France. Napoleon I., 20 Francs 1813 A
Estimation: 300 EUR
FRG. 5 Mark 1955. Markgraf von Baden
Estimation: 500 EUR
Mexico. Carlos IV., 8 Escudos 1792
Estimation: 1'200 EUR
Roman Republic. Victoriatus 211–208 B.C.
Estimation: 150 EUR
Serbia. 20 Dinara 1879
Estimation: 300 EUR
Russia. Ruble 1738 Moscow
Estimation: 150 EUR
Netherlands. Ducat 1809
Estimation: 300 EUR
Denmark. 2 Kronen 1618
Estimation: 800 EUR
Brunswick. Karl I., 2 1/2 Taler 1742
Estimation: 1'000 EUR
Burgundy. Conrad le Pacifique. Denar, Lyon
Estimation: 50 EUR
Yemen. Ahmadi Riyal (4 sovereigns) 1958/9
Estimation: 2'000 EUR
Finland. Nicolaus II., 2 Markkaa 1905
Estimation: 150 EUR
Tunesia. 100 Francs 1935
Estimation: 260 EUR
Nuremberg. Medal-Klippe 1897
Estimation: 150 EUR
Ravensberg, royal mint. Bracteat n.d.
Estimation: 50 EUR
Frankfurt. Off-metal strike in silver 1619
Estimation: 50 EUR

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